Giftamum Is Specially Designed To Add A Smile In The Pregnancy Journey.

Led by a mother Mrs Betty Showemimo, a sustainable development expert, Giftamum (GAM) helps mums recieve gifts from their friends and family, with an emphasis on the specific needs of the Preggie.

During this special season of a mums life, well meaning friends and family might not get the right size or colour of a gift, or even get gift items that have already being gotten before by others, GAM ensures that the Preggie gets exactly what she needs.

Why Choose Us

Let's grow your baby together

There's usually the challenge of mothers not getting satisfied.

With the quality/type of gift items delivered to them by online stores (what I ordered vs what I got) or even personal gifts. GAM ensures a cash back policy that allows mothers get their gifts in the monetary value of items they desire.

Part Of Your Journey.

Whether you are pregnant and want to give your friends and family the privilege of being a part of your journey.

Or you want to crowd gift your pregnant friend, GAM offers you our unique cash-back feature that ensures that your items recieved is only exactly what you need, and you get cash back for any and all items you would rather buy later.